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I fire up my laptop!  Time to write!

“Oh wait. What is this?”  I have several Facebook messages and new stories on my timeline. I’ll just scroll over it briefly.  Two hours has passed by watching videos, reading posts, providing comments and chatting. Wearily, I wipe my eyes in surprise.  Time surely flies. I must complete one sentence, I cannot be distracted anymore between the procrastination and the writer’s block, I will never finish this page much less a book.

With new determination, I opened up my saved document. I vow to stay focus and whisper softly to myself focus, as if the chant will make it better. To assist in this matter, I turn to the pages that’ I’ve written previously. I reread it; hoping that it will inspire me and bring the words that have stayed hidden and the story line that has come to an abrupt halt back to life and to the forefront of mind. A shrill sound pierces the air, which is quickly followed by the dog barking. I try to ignore it all, and then a voice calls out and tells me the phone is for me. I yell back “tell the caller I will call them back” to no avail. My son walks in the room and states, “It’s your mom”.

With a sigh, I grab the phone.  The sun has long gone down and as we approach the midnight hour, the computer light gleams but sleep has won and I must retire to bed for writing is just a hobby.   I still have bills to pay. I pat myself on the back and tell myself “it’s okay for tomorrow is a new day”. I can try again and at least I did some editing before I closed my eyes and the sun rise. In my sleep, I realize my adversaries have won again. Writer’s block and procrastination goes hand in hand so I vow to break these two powerful friends and suffer no more but within a week these two are back again.