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Writing 101

So you want to be a writer aka the aspiring writer. First let’s talk about the term aspiring writer? Are you a writer or not? The term aspiring usually indicates that you have yet to do it. But I’m pretty sure you’ve already taken pen to paper or fingers to keyboard to start your story. If you have you are no longer aspiring but ARE a writer.

With that being said let’s get to the topic at hand. Writing 101. Do you know what I find truly fascinating? Writers who do not use the basic tools that are available to them. 

First up- spelling and grammar check:

This tool is truly a lifesaver.  It checks for typos, punctuation errors, and grammar issues.  No one wants to read a book or a story that’s full of simple errors and typos.  Running this check will ensure your story is readable.  I’ve personally have stopped reading a book because of the number of typos in it or fragmented sentences.  The story may have had a great premise and I could have enjoyed watching the plot unfold but if the first three chapters are hard to digest due to simple mistakes- my interest dwindles.  I’m sure I’m not the only one- so run that spell check!

Have a second set of eyes read your work.  You know what you wrote and it even made sense at the time you wrote it but as writers we are constantly re-editing and moving chapters, people or situations around in our stories.  Having someone take a look at your work helps identifies those errors that you may miss and ensure your work is consistent. 

I personally recommend proofing as you go along and at the end; however, some people prefer to wait till the end.  If you’re the person that prefers to wait to the end, please for the love of God, do not give your WIP to someone to read knowing that it’s full of errors and typos. Particularly, if you’re looking for feedback on your storyline.

Well, that’s all for today but tune in for more writing tips!