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To Be Or Not To Be

I am an idiot! I have officially acknowledged this. A while ago I mentioned that I need to reach out to my friend’s husband to help me with my website. As you can see it is now 4 months later and since then I have released a new book- word press has undergone an extensive update-(completely destroying my original format) and what did I do? Well, I can tell you what I didn’t do but I’m sure you guess it by now. To further add to my idiocy, my friend mentioned that her husband can help (just last week)- I said I would call, and then double PP kicked in. Pride and Procrastination.

Now I understand the procrastination but the pride? Where did that even come from? I’ll admit part of it comes from the fact that I was able to decipher my notes. The other part comes from my overwhelming need to learn something new and then make it stick. To ask for help is to admit that I could NOT make it stick. Ugh!

My new book is nonfiction- so my website has to undergo a complete redesign- as we are no longer stepping into darkness but shining a light as I dip my toe into the world of nonfiction. But don’t worry I’m still working on Greed!