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Wow, this week is one for the history books, who would have thought I would see a coup in the United States of America in my lifetime. I suspected an attempt was coming but to see it unfold was like watching a train wreck that I could not avert my eyes.

It was almost as if 2021 couldn’t stand for 2020 to be the worst year in America’s history and threw the hammer down as a way of protesting. As I watched this unfold and being a history fan myself- I could not understand the allure of a civil war. War hurts everyone- your family, your friends, your neighbors. It’s not like “Battlefield” or any civil war reenactment, there is no pretending. There is only blood, loss, and tears. I can only hope that this week is not an indication of what 2021 has in store for us.

The author of this poem summed it up perfectly. His poem is titled “Backyard”

Many are the eyes that were opened that had for long been shut. Our Democratic way of life is under siege as our fellow citizens are out of control and disillusioned by the woeful ways of the cunning beast. Believing that the American dream is at stake. There is nothing that they wouldn’t do of it to reclaim. Willing to destroy and implement what their ancestors was thoroughly and totally against. Standing on their beliefs and lies with ruthless intent. Yes, this is America showing it’s true colors finally. The alternative reality has become reality and there’s more to come. Nothing will change this fact that the violence that so long America has manifested like a boomerang with more viciousness in its own backyard has purposely come back.

©️  LaVan Robinson. Thank you. God and blessings to you and yours


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